Should I Do A First Look?!

I debated writing about this because I am ALL ABOUT a first look!

Let's be real. It gives photographers so much more time for family photos or wedding party photos. Then we are able to focus on all the fun stuff afterwards! But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are pros and cons to seeing your soon-to-be bride or groom for the first time before the ceremony starts.

I want to first tell you what I did when I got married! We did a first look. I have to say, I am not entirely sure what went into our decision. The more I think about it, it probably had to do with wedding 'tradition'. We are not traditional people, except for Christmas, at this time of year the traditions are endless. I am so happy we did this because it just made sense for who we were as people and our ceremony, even though it was an important part, was not the focus of our wedding day. Our main focus was to spend time and celebrate our love with our friends and family, so the first look fit into our day since we didn't want our ceremony to be this huge fiasco, and it only lasted about 15 minutes MAX.

Since my husband and I did a first look and I prefer a first look as a photographer, I will start with the pros of a first look.


  • You are able to release a breath you didn't realize you were holding in when intimately seeing your person.

  • The moment is for you both to take in the day before it starts, alone, without all eyes on you.

  • TIMELINE! This greatly benefits your timeline, photography wise. It gives you a lot more time for family photos, wedding party photos, couple photos, etc.


  • The anticipation is not as intense. There is something about seeing your fiance for the first time down the aisle, it's hard to explain until captured.

  • Family and friends will do anything to watch this special moment, which might take away from the intimacy you are hoping for. Unless you lay down the law and make sure to let your family and friends, but also your photographer know you want to absolutely not have this moment for anyone's eyes.

  • Getting ready time can be rushed. If you have a first look, it is typically put into your timeline and makes that getting ready time shortened by a good amount of time.

The best part about both situations is that either way you do it, the moment s going to be special. These are 100% my opinions, other photographers and people probably have their own reasons for wanting or not wanting a first look. I just thought that I would share some insights on what I have seen in different scenarios, from my photographer perspective.

Also know this is YOUR day and whatever you choose, your photographer will work with you!

Talk soon,